Percebi hoje que ainda penso no chat como uma ferramenta síncrona de comunicação - através da qual falaríamos em tempo real com outra(s) pessoa(s), ao contrário das ferramentas assíncronas, que sediariam conversas em intervalos maiores. Mas na verdade, a partir do surgimento do chat no browser (meebo, google chat e outros, depois facebook) e posteriormente do chat no celular, isso tudo muda. Tenho conversas que vão avançando à medida que as pessoas acessam seus dispositivos. Com o celular isso tudo fica mais confuso ainda. As conversas no telegram e whatsapp têm um tempo todo maluco.

E a garotada de 14 anos se pergunta, em sincera consternação: "mas quem é que usa e-mail?"

Web 3 - Conspirando pra manter a rede pública

Sunday morning I woke up in Berlin with my mind telling me I should change some things in my presentation at transmediale. I started to play with the text and eventually got rid of almost everything I have written before, because I thought there was something way more important than repeating the common web 2.0 criticism: it is a stock market hype; it weakens p2p while centralizes traffic in order to earn profit out of users' ability to create and maintain relationships; and so on. Not that I disagree with that kind of criticism, but I don't think I have much to add to that. There's a great article by Dmytri Kleiner & Brian Wyrick in Mute about that. Now, my impression is that sometimes the criticism is totally focused in the business model and in the fact that somebody is making money out of it, and it is not the users. I personally don't care as much about amateur video producers making money as I care about trying to create communication technologies that feel more human. And that should be the starting point to what I have tried to speak at the panel. Below is the script I wrote in the couple of hours before the panel (and during a part of my colleagues' talk, I must admit). It is far from objective or polished, and I have the feeling I might have slipped away from the topic, but it is a beginning. In the following days I might add some new thoughts to it...

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