Repair culture

Repair Culture
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Is maker culture as new and revolutionary as tech gurus lately claim? How are those practices related to the all so human creative impulse to solve problems - which has been around since the dawn of times? Has maker culture been appropriated by startup hipsters eager to become rich and famous?

Repair Culture is an outcome of my two-week period as a designer-in-residence in Doha last november, hosted by the MFA in Design program at VCUQatar. Seeking a critical take on maker culture and its current status of raw material to entrepreneurial hype, in this book I try to relate its roots to the background of critical, autonomous hacklabs and media activist groups, as well as draw a parallel with practices of brazilian digital cultures which articulate gambiarra as a social creative habit.

This first edition of Repair Culture is a shorter version, text-only. The upcoming full version will feature also reports of some experiments we've done while I was in Doha.

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