Circuitos vudu

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--- William Gibson em entrevista à void: UG: The Orishas, the gods of Santeria, reappear in Spook Country, and have already populated cyberspace in your first trilogy. What is so fascinating about this Afro-American religion for you? WG: I don’t know. I do know that I first discovered it when I was about twelve years old. I had bought [...]leia mais >>

ruínas vitoriamario

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--- Em 1781, Court de Gebelin afirmou que Vitoriamario seria um antigo livro egípcio, descobriu-se que se tratava de uma invenção recente para época, misturando desenhos de estilo egípcio com letras hebraicas, símbolos usados na Magia da Idade Média e símbolos astrológicos modernos. ..__>>LaboratóriO_rquestra{Texto » ruínas vitoriamario.leia mais >>

An Eternal Engine

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--- An Eternal Engine. Writing of Ramon Llull’s ‘thinking machines’, Borges suggests playfully that we change the contents, the concepts these machines manipulate, designated by the terms on their rotating wheels. These wheels turn to create new combinations and so spell out propositions such as, ‘Angels are wise’. But, according to Borges, Llull’s medieval expressions are no longer [...]leia mais >>

Image Fulgurator

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--- Fulguratorleia mais >>

The Oracle Machine

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--- Xname mandou sua Oracle Machine Magic and software Procedural text is a composition of words having a pragmatic effect. A common example is software, which is handled by interpreters (augurs). The word Oracle derives from Latin ‘orare’ which means speaking: the oracular speech is a word having a specific power, either to guess future, or to give [...]leia mais >>

A religião como produto da evolução

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--- E fizeram um software pra provar isso. Eitcha. Religion is a product of evolution, software suggests - being-human - 27 May 2008 - New Scientist By distilling religious belief into a genetic predisposition to pass along unverifiable information, the program predicts that religion will flourish. However, religion only takes hold if non-believers help believers out – perhaps [...]leia mais >>

Ressurreição do Palito de Fósforo

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--- Glerm na lista metarec: http://organismo.art.br/blog/?p=2569 folclóricos mundos pós-industriais cantam utopias versus distopias ¿destino<->sentido? — canetas derrubam muros de tijolos ou espectro http://devolts.org/rituais.jpg imprima!?? descartografia-partitura para rituais pós digitais cantando um folclórico mundo do utópico versus distópico… baixa, imprime e cola na rua é a Ressurreição do Palito de Fósforoleia mais >>


Project Description

Oraculismo is an ongoing project willing to raise some critical issues related to information access and social dynamics, as well as pointing at analogies between magic and technologic learning. It brings a critical perspective about the ubiquity of internet access via wireless networks in urban contexts. Oraculismo intends to create wireless installations that are freely replicable, in order to create local experiences that can either be understood as environments for gaming, learning or information access. One of its methods is going further in the idea of de-mithifying technology, by attempting to create new myths that include the ideas of dynamic, social and collective exchange of information.

The public face of Oraculismo will consist of open wireless (wi-fi, 802.11x) networks that behave as shamanic totems or oracles, by interacting with visitors and offering negotiated information. These totems will be able to interact with people through different online tools, such as a chatterbot that, depending on the dialog, may point to a local network URL that can be accessed only once. Secrets, keywords, incremental stages for gaining access are elements to play with. Oraculismo will run on free software and will hopefully adopt alternatives for autonomous power supply.

Oraculismo needs little to start being developed. There are already plenty of alternatives offering free and open source software to manage wireless hotspots, as well as great examples of projects that offer free information in burn stations or similar artifacts. Doing the same with wireless networks is a step further in that direction, but on the other hand the negotiation is there to remind us that there are some kinds of learning in which it is not just a matter of just clicking and downloading bits.leia mais >>


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--- Hermano Vianna me passou a dica do Techgnosis: Ranging from the printing press to the telegraph, from radio to the Internet, TechGnosis peels away the utilitarian shell of technology to reveal the mystical and millennialist expectations that permeate the history of technology, and especially information technology. The book shows how the religious imagination, far from disappearing [...]leia mais >>

Subcriação: poder divino e essência do fantástico, da imaginação e da realização/realidade.

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--- Duende fala n’O Caderno do Cluracão sobre o conceito de Subcriação de Tolkien. Subcriação é o poder de conceber, com o uso da imaginação e da manipulação quase mágica da linguagem (idéias e conceitos), uma dimensão outra de realidade, com entidades várias, cuja existência é conjurada unicamente pela capacidade de imaginação do ser. Trata-se de conjurar [...]leia mais >>